The Firm’s practice is set to meet the legal demands of our clients in an ever-changing business climate. Our legal services generally include the establishment of local and foreign capital companies, investment incentives, capital increase and capital decrease, reorganization, drafting of shareholders agreements and articles of association, realization of general assembly meetings and board meetings, liquidation and the filling of the necessary documentation regarging all these legal services, and the resolution of all disputes that may arise in connection to all these issues. Within the scope of the corporate practice, we also provide legal consultancy for various commercial transactions and the formulation of solutions to address tax implications of various types of business ventures. Our firm also provides legal consultancy in various commercial issues.Our Firm has represented and continues to represent both national and international companies on the issues of [for example] drafting and negotiation of exclusive and non-exclusive distribution agreements and franchise agreements, the resolution of commercial disputes arising from import and export transactions. Our firm also provides legal services concerning franchising, master franchising and sub-franchising agreements and other relevant agreements. Our firm started providing consultancy services regarding management of contractual obligations in the early years following its establishment, with the representation of a multinational consortium which was under contract with a Turkish government entity on a important World Bank project in Turkey. Our firm provided legal consultancy services, through written and oral correspondence, to concortium with regards to disputes arising from complicated provisions of contracts entered into with the state on issues of payment terms, disputes, rendering of services etc. and the application of such provisions, and many similar issues. In the following years, our Firm has provided legal consultancy services including negotiation and interpretation of contracts, and dispute resolution to many clients.